Does paintball hurt?

Depending on speed and distance, it may sting. Some hits cannot be felt at all, while others may leave bruising. This is why we have safety equipment, safe zones, and strictly enforce the rules.

Should I make a reservation?

We highly recommend reservations for anyone who is: wanting to ensure there is equipment available upon arrival, planning a party, or playing with a group. Reservations guarantee that you will be able to play since equipment is subject to first-come first-serve availability. By reserving, you can come check in, go through safety rules, and be on your way!

What should I wear?

We recommend long sleeves, long pants or jeans, and athletic shoes or boots.

Is there an age limit?

We recommend participants to be at least 12 years old, but we will allow ages 10 and up for regular play and special parties for ages 7 - 9, provided they understand and follow the rules. Please call or email us for groups with members younger than age 10, as special restrictions and conditions apply.

Do you have hpa tanks?

Currently, we are using and filling only CO2. Any automatic markers will not work with CO2. So if you are planning on bringing an automatic marker, please call before booking to see if we can make accommodations.

Can I come without a reservation?

Of course you can! We usually have 1 general playgroup depending on how many referees are available at the time. Please know that without a reservation, we cannot guarantee that there will be equipment for you, how much time you will get to play, who you will be playing against, or the availability of a private referee. Call in advance, and we can let you know how things are looking for the general group for the day. Also, on rainy weather and bad weather days, please call us an hour before you would like to come and play, because the facilities may be closed.

Will private or first time players have to play against advanced players?

Unless your group wants to challenge other groups, and they accept, no reserved group will have to play against any other group if they do not want to. Group reservations guarantee your equipment and a private referee, who will escort and guide you throughout your time here.

Can I use paint from my house or from the store?

Field paint purchased onsite is the only paint allowed to be used.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is as follows:

Severe Weather: Under severe weather conditions requiring mandatory evacuation, such as a tornado or hurricane, a refund will be issued. Under all other weather conditions, unless cancelled by J-Zone Paintball, reservations will be rescheduled. If preferred, a credit for the amount of future play will be issued.

Paint: There are no refunds on paint. Once paint is purchased, it belongs to you. Any unused or unopened paint can, however, be returned for a credit towards future play.

Reservations: There are 3 types of reservations: Deposit Reservations, Full Amount Reservations and Short-Notice Reservations.

Deposit Reservations require a deposit to be put down to hold your reservation for future play. This deposit is applied to your group total, with the balance due before entry. The deposit becomes NON-REFUNDABLE if the reservation is cancelled within 5 days of the reserved date.

Full Amount Reservations require the FULL AMOUNT of the group to be paid to hold your reservation for future play. The full amount becomes PARTIALLY REFUNDABLE if the reservation is cancelled within 5 days of the reserved date.

Short-Notice Reservations are any bookings made within 5 days of the reservation date. They must be paid in full (Full Amount) online. The party has 12 hours after booking to cancel or re-schedule the reservation. If the party needs to cancel after the 12 hour period, then a PARTIAL REFUND will apply.