To reserve your space, please make a reservation. To reserve as a private group, there must be a minimum of 10 players. If your group is less than 10 players, you may be grouped with other players. 

Weekend Rates (Open Play)

$25.00/player 3-Hour Admission


  • 1 Marker ($5.00 Rental Value)
  • Face Mask ($5.00 Rental Value)
  • Unlimited Air ($15.00 Rental Value)

(Must Reserve Online)

Weekday Reservations

Minimum of 15 players per booking. The pricing is the same as weekend rates. All bookings must be paid in-full over the phone. At this time, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins during the weekdays.

(Must Reserve Online)

**Groups of 25 or More- call or email us for pricing and information.**

Customer- Owned Equipment

If you already have your own marker, face mask, and tank, then admission is $20 for 3-hour play, which includes unlimited air.

Paint (Field Paint Only):

100 Paintballs: $10.00

500 Paintballs: $30.00

2000 Paintballs: $75.00

Arena Field Pricing

The arena field is a small, enclosed 1x1 speedball course at the front of the park. Entry is $10 per person, which includes 1-Hour play time, a face mask, marker, air, and 100 paintballs to start out. Come any time to challenge a friend or win a bet!

Airsoft Teams

Airsoft teams are welcome to reserve play or training time. The team minimum for reservation is 10 people. The entry is $20/person for 3-hours of play time, and $30/person for all day play time. At this time, we do not provide equipment, air or pellets. Call or email us for more details.