To reserve your space, please make a reservation. To reserve as a private group, there must be a minimum of 10 players. If your group is less than 10 players, you may be grouped with other players. 

Weekend Rates (Open Play)

$25.00/player 3-Hour Admission


  • 1 Marker

  • Face Mask

  • Unlimited Air

See Additional Prices for Paint Below

(Must Reserve Online)

Weekday Reservations

Minimum of 15 players per booking. The pricing is the same as weekend rates. All bookings must be paid in-full over the phone. At this time, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins during the weekdays.

(Must Reserve Online)

**Groups of 25 or More- call or email us for pricing and information.**

Customer- Owned Equipment

If you already have your own marker, face mask, and tank, then admission is $20 for 3-hour play, which includes unlimited air.

Paint (Field Paint Only):

100 Paintballs: $5.00

500 Paintballs: $25.00

2000 Paintballs: $75.00

Arena Field Pricing

The arena field is a small, enclosed 1x1 speedball course at the front of the park. Entry is $10 per person, which includes 1/2-Hour play time, a face mask, marker, air, and 100 paintballs to start out. Come any time to challenge a friend or win a bet!

Airsoft Teams

Airsoft teams are welcome to reserve play or training time. The team minimum for reservation is 10 people. The entry is $20/person for 3-hours of play time, and $30/person for all day play time. At this time, we do not provide equipment, air or pellets. Call or email us for more details.